Thursday, May 31, 2007

Illinois Soap Conference

Hey all,

Kerry, and I are actively looking for a venue to hold the Illinois Soap Conference, if you know of any place that will hold a small amount of people (30-50?) please let us know! We are aiming for a small conference and will need volunteers to assist with the following areas before and at the gathering, your time and efforts to make this a "go" are greatly appreciated!

  • Venue - Find and assist with locating a venue, getting pricing info for the venue (church, rental hall, golf club, park district community room etc)

  • Speakers / Demos - Find speakers and demos to be presented for the conference, topics: soaps, lotions, mineral make-up, marketing, packaging and let's not forget candles!

  • Attendees check-in table - A couple of people to be at the check-in table the day of the conference, check attendees in and provide them with the day's program and their goodie bag.

  • Conference Crews - Our own Illinois Convention Crew the day of the conference, where you will "meet and greet" the attendees and also the speakers

  • Catering - Find caterer, work out the menu and pricing info

  • Goodie Bags Organizer - be the first to see what's going into the goodie bags! You will be helping to organize the goodie bags content by separating them and putting them into the goodie bags. Aug 4th is the "Volunteer Party", please apply to this position only if you can commit to that day from 12:00 until we are finished. (appromiately 4-5 hours, it depends on the number of donations and attendees).

  • Event Scheduler - Schedule speakers and demos
  • Convention Program Designer - Are you good with publisher? you can help us design and layout the convention program to be handed out to attendees.

  • Goodie bags / Door prizes / Sponsors - Assist by sending out emails and making phone calls to potential companies to donate for the goodie bags, door prizes or be a sponsor for the conference
  • Contests - Organize contests

  • Swap - Organize swaps

  • Photographer - You don't have to be a professional photographer to hold take on this task! However, you do have to be able to take pictures all through out the day, compile the pictures and upload it to a pre-determined section of the site, post comments about the pictures etc. We are looking for 2-3 people to take on this task.
The Volunteers Party is set for Aug 4 (the same day as the goodie bag organizing day), all volunteers are invited to attend. We will go over the schedules and work out any items to be completed by the big day on Aug 11 and more importantly, to thank each and everyone of you for the hard work you have put in to make this a successful convention!

Are you interested in being involved? now is the time to make it count! email me today!