Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2007 Attending Vendors

We are at our maximum capacity! these are the vendors attending the convention, please take a look at them and take advantage of the free shipping and/or special convention discount!

Boyer Corporation
Dead Sea Bulk Materials
Kangaroo Blue -
Lebermuth - taking pre-orders, email Debbie
Oak Court Creations - 10% off, coupon code: ILL10
The Synergy - 15% off, voucher code: 20807208

2007 Aug 10 - Party Nite

I'm very excited to announce that Debbie from Lebermuth and Tammy from Dead Sea Bulk Materials are sponoring a party for all of us! The purpose of this party is for:

Meet n Greet - everyone is welcome, come meet the vendors and fellow soap and candle
makersSpa Nite - Tammy will be giving dead sea mud facials for $5!

Volunteers Party - see the people behind the scenes that make the ISOCAN Convention possible!

Garage Sale - bring your extra stash to sell there!

Aug 10, 6:00 to 9:30 pm
Holiday Inn
1801 N Naper Blvd,

Thank you Debbie and Tammy!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

2007 15% OFF ISOCAN Special @ TheSynergy

What a great sale we have for you! Enter the voucher code 20807208 in the checkout section for 15% off the entire website. (Yes, even the items already on sale!) And if you want something after the conference, the code is valid through August 31.

If you wish to have your order delivered to the gathering, put "deliver to ISOCAN Conference" in the comments section of the checkout page. I will manually waive the shipping charges. If you want your order shipped right away, put “ship it now” in the comments box.

Order Options
I will be processing orders through Monday, Aug. 6. Orders can be placed online at http://www.thesynergy.com/, emailed, or phoned in to 256-232-2861.

Payment Options
If you wish to pay by PayPal, simply tell the shopping cart you are paying by money order and send the payment to synergy@thesynergy.com less the shipping charges, or I can send you a “money request” from PayPal for the amount less shipping.
If paying by credit card, I will manually waive the shipping charges.
Finally, another option would be to email me your order and I will email you back an invoice, payable by PayPal, ProPay, Visa, MasterCard, check or money order.

What’s new at TheSynergy?
SLS Powder
Cetyl Alcohol
Sodium Carbonate
Golden Jojoba Oil
MSM Powder

Don’t forget to check out the weekly specials and the super deals pages.

As a reminder anyone wanting DHA should preorder. Otherwise, I may not bring this great ingredient.

Sheila Stewart

2007 Name the Caricature Contest

I was contacted by Soap Bart (Hi Bart :)) regarding the Caricature Contest he's hosting on Soapin Contest site, the winner will be announced at the ISOCAN Convention on Aug 11.

Win $100 in cash prize money by being the first person to correctly identify this crazy trio. Winning is easy just by naming the first and last name of the person in the caricature.

Hurry! Contest winner will be announced at the upcoming ISCOCAN Convention scheduled to be held Aug. 11 in Naperville, IL.

All three caricatures must be correctly identified by first and last name. The first person to accomplish the task by Friday, August 10, 2007, by midnight will receive $100 in cash prize money.

Registration is via online only. The official voting site is http://www.soapincontest.com/

$100 cash!

Up to $300.00 ($100 each) at three of your favorite vendors! All you have to do is to guess the name of this dynamitic trio. The title for this bunch certainly lives up to itself. This crazy trio has a name. They are proclaiming themselves as if they were really something special. The entire plot was inspired and conceived at a recent conference and it was shared by fellow soapmaker. The whole truth and all the details of the story behind the inspiration for the contest will be revealed at the outcome of the contest.

This threesome has been seen at main-stream soapmaker’s conferences a lot lately. What is their plan? What their motive for creating a group like this?
If no one wins by Aug. 1, new hints will be given
Stay tuned to learn these answers and more at the outcome of the contest
More than likely the winner will come from a pool of attendees from gatherings or conferences

Stay tuned for details as the leads come in. Talk it up at any of your commonly visited Yahoo boards or other forums. Hey! Its FREE MONEY! And it’s going to great fun to see who will win. Who will it be? Maybe you? Enter contest today.

Winners will be announced at the upcoming ISOCAN Conference in Naperville, IL, on Aug. 11, 2007.

Anyone who makes soap may participate. Register your guess today!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ISOCAN Caterer

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to let you know about our menu for the convention.
It is going to be catered by "Chef's Corner" in Naperville. Our menu is all homemade and will be prepared by Chef Vaded Vasilj, former chef for The United Center in Chicago.
He makes phenomenal food with a bit of Mediterranean/European flair.

Continental breakfast will include:
coffee, tea, juice
bagels w/cream cheese, muffins, pastries
fresh fruit

Lunch will include:
Bread tray, Cold Cut tray, Cheese tray
Roasted vegetables
Soup (yummy beef barley for sure/unknown other variety-will be daily special)
Scrumptious Mediterranean salad (feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red pepper, variety of lettuce and spinach)

Kitty, Kerry and I have dined there recently and let me tell you.........he is a WONDERFUL Chef....It is yummy tasty food. So if you live nearby and haven't tried this place yet, you might want to give it a try. You are missing a treat. He also makes homemade frozen custard that is to DIE FOR!
I can't wait to go there again.

Well, see you all soon and have a great week!

Kathy Lynn


Hello! I will be happy to bring fragrances and essential oils to the show for you freight free. Please view the website at http://www.lebermuth.com/ and then email me with your wants and I will bring to you. The great part is that you do NOT have to meet the $150 minimum order for this show but all orders have to come to me directly no later than August 6th by either calling me at 1-800-648-1123 ext. 217 or emailing me at debbie@lebermuth.com Order now and you can just pay at the show.

I will also have some specials with me that have been really hot sellers in 2006-2007.

Debbie Woodruff

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007 Kangaroo Blue Pre-Order Discount Offer

We are very excited about the ISOCAN 2007 conference, and for those of you that will be attending, Kangaroo Blue is offering a special pre-order discount of 10% for orders that will be supplied to the conference.

(Shipped orders do not qualify for this special offer).


Orders need to be placed by August 6th, and use this discount code when checking out:

Looking forward to seeing you at the gathering!!!


Oak Court Creations - specials and other info :)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post that we will be offering 10% off and free delivery for all preorders placed through and including August 8th. Please use the discount code ILL10 in the shopping cart, and choose Gathering/Conference Pickup when prompted for a shipping option in order to get the free delivery.

I'll also have some special pricing at the show, and will probably have some brand-new products making their debut that day -- they're on order, but they just have to get here in time to package them up!

For those of you unfamiliar with Oak Court Creations -- I'll have a display with all of our products out for sniffing, touching and feeling, etc., and take an order to be shipped to you when I get back from the show. There's no charge for shipping as long as you place a $30 order! Some of our product lines include packaging bags and bottles, base oils, silk petal supplies for dipping, and of course our signature item -- AromaArt™ Air Freshener Shapes!

I will also be doing a demo -- the topic is subject to change, but at this time it looks like it will be Quick'n'Easy Room and Body Sprays.

See you on August 11th --

Brenda Sievers
Oak Court Creations

ISOCAN Workshop By Sheila Stewart

Next month Sheila Stewart will be speaking on

communication and perception

Communication and perception skills aren’t inborn, they’re learned. In this workshop, Sheila will teach you the specific techniques and strategies that will help you communicate more effectively while being less misunderstood. You’ll learn some interesting and eye-opening concepts at this meeting.

Some things Sheila will be teaching are:

• How to effectively communicate
• Discover how to increase sensitivity in perception
• Tips on how to enhance your communication skills
• A look at in-depth ascertaining to “see” or “know” the “real thing”
• How to compensate for “one-dimensional” telephone communicating
• Listening techniques that actually increase your credibility and influence
• Special communication techniques that are wonderfully helpful for daily living
• Are you seeing what you “think” you see? Tips on how to take a second look
• Check yourself for subtle mannerisms that send the message “I’m not paying attention.”
• Never misunderstand anyone again (no matter how poor his communications skills may be!)
• Real-life rules about gossip: how to stay away from it and avoid becoming part of the problem
• Learn how to establish “feedback loops” and gain a reputation for always getting the message correct
• A sound strategy to avoid “communication breakdowns” and the mistakes and oversights that come with them

Why not reap the benefits of proper communication rather than reap the pitfalls? This may be the most productive, enlightening workshop you will ever experience. We’ll have lots of fun learning, too!

This meeting is one-of-a-kind and possibly may never be duplicated again!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Early Registration and Goodie Bag

Hello everyone,

As the deadline to register is approaching, I thought I better post a message about how goodie bags are filled and how early registration will ensure your goodie bag is filled with samples and coupons.

The registration deadeline is set for Aug 6th, 2007 or until we have reached our capacity, please note that we're already receiving the donations from different generous suppliers, the goodie bags are filled in the order the registrations are received. Which means, if we received 30 coupons from a supplier and you are registrant #31 or higher, you will not receive this coupon..

Donations are rolling in, all the contributing suppliers are listed in the menu.

I look forward to seeing you there

Kitty :)