Friday, June 15, 2007


Things are falling into place, and I've received many generous donation inquiries as well as volunteers offering their time and efforts for this convention!! This is going to be a fun and exciting convention.

I updated the volunteers section and assigned the roles, please correct me if this info is incorrect. We are still looking for these roles: photographer, goodie bag organizers, and possibly someone to assist with spreading the word out!

  • April - Swap Organizer
  • Carol R. - Goodie Bags Organizer
  • Dian - Covention Crew
  • Kathy L. - Speaker/Demo Organizer
  • Kerry C. - Facilitator
  • Kitty C. - Covention Organizer
  • Kristin W.
  • Laurie P.
  • Lezlee W. - Contests Organizer
  • Lisa - Program/Logo Designer
  • Melanie M. - Covention Crew
  • Michele P. - Covention Crew
  • Noel S. - Photographer / Crew
Thank you volunteers, we couldn't do it without you!