Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ISOCAN Workshop By Sheila Stewart

Next month Sheila Stewart will be speaking on

communication and perception

Communication and perception skills aren’t inborn, they’re learned. In this workshop, Sheila will teach you the specific techniques and strategies that will help you communicate more effectively while being less misunderstood. You’ll learn some interesting and eye-opening concepts at this meeting.

Some things Sheila will be teaching are:

• How to effectively communicate
• Discover how to increase sensitivity in perception
• Tips on how to enhance your communication skills
• A look at in-depth ascertaining to “see” or “know” the “real thing”
• How to compensate for “one-dimensional” telephone communicating
• Listening techniques that actually increase your credibility and influence
• Special communication techniques that are wonderfully helpful for daily living
• Are you seeing what you “think” you see? Tips on how to take a second look
• Check yourself for subtle mannerisms that send the message “I’m not paying attention.”
• Never misunderstand anyone again (no matter how poor his communications skills may be!)
• Real-life rules about gossip: how to stay away from it and avoid becoming part of the problem
• Learn how to establish “feedback loops” and gain a reputation for always getting the message correct
• A sound strategy to avoid “communication breakdowns” and the mistakes and oversights that come with them

Why not reap the benefits of proper communication rather than reap the pitfalls? This may be the most productive, enlightening workshop you will ever experience. We’ll have lots of fun learning, too!

This meeting is one-of-a-kind and possibly may never be duplicated again!